Hawaii 82

What is in the number 82, you ask?  My husbands parents, they will tell you it’s the average daily temperature year-round in Maui.  Time with family over the holidays takes on an entirely different meaning after the parent’s retire.

Santa Baby, Santa Barbara

Just when you think the winter can’t get any longer, the blues have you going ‘ho-hum’, sneak away to Santa Barbara for a weekend where you can go for a hot air balloon ride over wine country, swim in the ocean and have dinner at Sterns Warf all in one day.

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Travel to Iceland where adventures are awaiting.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the untouched beauty of this volcanic island where you can soak in a thermal pool, run through lava fields, pet a arctic horse, and see a spouting geiser all in the same day, all the while thinking, ‘What took me so long to get here?’

The Secret Garden of Amalfi

If you are looking to kick start your spring training travel with me to Amalfi, where the views are breathtaking and the people feel like friends you’ve known for years.  No need to go running here as the morning commute to breakfast is all you need, taking you down 80 flights of stairs.  Take a day trip to the island of capri, climb a waterfall and drink some of the finest limoncello Italy has to offer.  These are just a few of the pleasures waiting…


A trip to Southern France is just what the doctor ordered this spring. 

The winters of Chicago can be grueling for those of us who enjoy three short months of nice weather each year.  The rest can be said to be akin to Goldilock’s porridge, either too hot or too cold.  If you’re looking for inspiration, say no more!  Adventures abound for even the most discriminating.  A region infused with art, history, and an impressive view of the Alps enveloping the Mediterranean Sea.  In the town of Juan de la Pins, resides the Nomade keeping a watchful eye over the ships coming into and out of the harbor.  Here lives a town that inspired Picasso to create and has become the resting spot of some his most treasured work, Antibes. /www.antibesjuanlespins.com/en/art-et-culture/mus%C3%A9e-de-la-tour-tower-museum-local-history-and-traditions