You must help me save Earnie.

My name is Wang Jiaming.

You're a complete misanthrope.

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They were out shopping.

Some boys are swimming in the sea.

I owe her one.

May God reward you.

It cost me 10 dollars.

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Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.

Why do you want to go to Germany?

The accused was found not guilty.

Vladislav was truly desperate.

I'm so sorry about it.

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I came here as fast as I could.

As I thought, it seems to have been an impolite question.

Hurry up. The train only stops here for a short time.


Donna didn't stay there very long.


We do have some options.


Faint grew the sound of the train.

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She doesn't know that I'm Japanese.

I want a martini with three olives.

Clark said he would never come back here.

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It really depends on when.

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Did you talk to Lee about me yet?

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We had a fight.


Rolfe wouldn't be surprised if Julia decided not to go.

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Maintaining a high salt diet may contribute to high blood pressure.

The tickets are 1,000 yen each.

This cap belongs to them.

He occasionally reads detective novels.

Anthony lost his way.

Eating pleases me.

The king invited everyone to a party.

I won't interfere.

Jane came to our town three years ago.

They named the dog Cookie.

My parents are very strict.

Whatever you may do, you must do your best.

Could we have a word with you?


There's a soccer match tomorrow.

He is one of the greatest scientists in Japan.

Norm announced that he was quitting football.


She felt a sigh of relief when she got the work done.


Don't stare at me like that.

Speak to me, Blayne.

I'll make them understand.

A lot of people need our help.

Roger is very distinguished.

Let's go into my office.

The house has pipes under the ground to carry dirty water away.

The situation became dangerous.

The criminal confessed.

Japanese beef was on sale yesterday.

What the fuck do you think you're doing?

I really appreciate this.

Snow White sings Sleepy a lullaby with pleasure.

You have no grounds for accusing Jill of stealing the stock certificates.

They cleaned the house.

How did you do it so quickly?

We should back him up so as to make the project a success.


We've made progress.

I'm afraid of the dark.

I'd like to find out how this got broken.

I'm not sure Stanley's going to be willing to talk to me.

You need surgery.

I'll make some pasta.

Can you establish his innocence?

I want you to be better.

Judith did a good job predicting who would win the election.

Tell her thanks but no thanks.

The table doesn't take up much room.

Typhoons are frequent in this region.

If Wes had been here, it definitely would've made a difference.

Do you know Hunter personally?

I have some news for you.

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We're waiting for his return.

The bridge between Denmark and Sweden is almost five miles long.

His tone was one of sorrow.

Pedro must've told us the truth.

Because of the flood, it was a bad rice-harvest.

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I got what you needed.

I would never say anything to intentionally hurt you, you know.

Have you ever shot anybody?

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I was too afraid to do anything.

I know that I know nothing.

I'll be waiting to read about you in newspapers.

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We can't open this envelope until Jarmo gets here.

Are the hotels pricey?

You'll tell me what about it?


Are you going to be home for Christmas?


Manuel, meet your new nanny.

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It was only yesterday that John told me about his plan to go to Europe.

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I was going to talk to Milner about that.


The library is open to all students.


What does this machine do?


A young woman was singing and playing the guitar in front of the fountain.

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I want to ask what his phone number is.

He has experience in a wide variety of programming languages.

Climate change is seen by many as the defining issue of our time.


You need a friend.

That was a warning.

Tim is spirited, isn't he?

In Haiti, there was a large earthquake.

She's angry at the world.


I know this will work.


His ideas never earned him a single penny.

They are going to exhibit many famous old paintings at the gallery.

We've been improving every year.

Mah certainly seems to be more effective than Milner.

They lacked for nothing.

I'll visit you tomorrow.

See you at Chizhik-Pyzhik monument.

"My dearest little doll!" she cried. "Thou hast saved me from my trouble! Now I have only to cook the Baba Yaga's supper, since all the rest of the tasks are done!"

A young man broke into my house last night.

I'm not trying to impress Annie.

I wonder how long Bob has been sitting there.

She is now putting the things in her room in order.

I might need some persuading.


The land became a slum.

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How early do you get up in the morning?

I finished the homework, and want to go to bed, but now it's time to go to school again...

All of my clothes are custom made.

He was renowned to be a very good pilot.

It will cost how much it costs.


I thought Luc might enjoy that movie.

Don't be cruel.

What's up with Philip?

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He gave her a string of pearls worth $350,000.

A student should not lose sight of his own identity.

Corruption was a problem.


Rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs, working as quickly as possible to prevent the dough becoming warm.


I need a pen and paper.

I'm resourceful.

Merton doesn't know what to order.

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You should have gone on singing.

I can't forget about that stupid movie.

The road was quite muddy, and, what is worse, it began to rain.

Sangho showed Jean-Pierre his baby pictures.

What do you want to study at college?

In regards to practicality, the world seems to be governed by varying degrees of fuzzy logic. In other words, things aren't so black and white as you may think at times.

Nobody noticed that she was absent until the meeting ended.

Tell him it's not my fault.

Possibly she will not come.

Don't forget to clean your room.

It was pretty risky.


Custom, then, is the great guide of human life.

You don't want to go down this road.

I promise I'll be nice to you from now on.

It's dangerous to pass by the bridge.

The spider is spinning a web.


We walked slowly towards them.


I can make it happen.

Romulans also have pointed ears.

Arnold said he was going back home.

Dan discussed each detail with Linda.

Is that a bat?

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She is a dreamer.