I am now in an old castle.

Why was I not aware of this?

Ing, lover of the reigner, a too-grand tourin' leads / In clover, of th'arena to Grand To'er, in Leeds.

We've been driving in circles for an hour.

Andre is quite harmless.

I should tell Sjouke everything.

I still haven't finished.

Ofer became rich.


The little girl burst into tears.

Even his everyday speech was an off-the-cuff, tangential, disjointed narrative.

Nathaniel put the ashtray in front of Jef.

Mother calculated her monthly expenses.

If Markku had had more time, he would have written Liisa a longer letter.

I think I could get used to living here.

The growth of the world economy is slowing down.


Send him in, please.


He has a natural gift for speaking.

I guess that you can't do it.

There are no other choices than postponing our departure.

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Lie down on the examination table.

Rodent closed the door and left.

Coleen has been doing that for years.

Her hat looked funny.

I think there is more to this.

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Louie wished he could understand French.

I wish we had more people like Ramiro working for us.

I guess he really loves me.

How far is it to your house?

Can you reissue them right away?

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It wasn't just my children who died in the war.

WhatsApp is blocked in Brazil.

I don't know the name of that temple.

That was huge.

I will call a policeman.

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My plan was adopted by them.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?

The three major monotheistic religions are Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The police officer arrested the burglar.

You can't call dogs off from a fight.

On one hand he is kind, but on the other hand he is lazy.

Ahmet might be able to help.

Annie wiped his face with the towel that Ric handed him.

It doesn't sound like her.

I buy canned goods in bulk.

Globalize or die.

Banks charge higher interest on loans to risky customers.

Winston said he couldn't wait much longer.

Not that shirt, the other one.

Is there a television in the house?

Gregory doesn't feel like taking a walk with his dog this morning.

We will rescue them.

Why don't we exchange LINE [info]?

These books can be had at that store.

What are you preparing?

An educated/literate arrogant person got into a boat.

He's a bit of a loner.

Tracy is watching figure skating on TV.


The experience will do you good.

Don't throw a stone at a cat.

Have the courage to save our earth.

What did he really mean by that?

Do you think your spouse spends enough time with you?


Remember me next time.

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Vicky types better than Evelyn.

I wish I had my camera with me right now.

We can utilize the resources of this vast region by distributing tasks among ourselves.

I prefer spending time indoors.

That landslide produced a lot of misery.


Today I started a new Esperanto course.


Just look at those good-looking men!

The girl was sobbing in the corner of the schoolroom.

She was the last person I expected to meet that day.

In the wild wilderness, a leopard mother caresses her cub, as Hagar did Ishmael; or a queen of France the dauphin.

When he asked who had broken the window, all the boys put on an air of innocence.

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I was there with him.

The man is apparently deceiving us.

You may go swimming or fishing.

You're making progress.

Dan attended Linda's funeral.

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We'll probably go to Boston next week.

I saw her smoking a cigarette.

Those are all important.

I hope we can all agree.

Do you want to go out on a date with Roxana?

We can't help Pontus now.

Louiqa is the most boring person I know.

She happened to know his address.

Those cats are liked by her.


They changed it very recently.

What else did you find out about Charleen?

Joshua isn't drinking green tea.


Ethan didn't sound very optimistic.

It had to happen sooner or later.

The hole is wide.


In fact, I was there.


Ever since she fell in the kitchen, she hasn't been all there.

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Don't blame it on the weather!

He was promoted three times in one year.

Lin seemed uninterested.


The workers are mixing the concrete.

The view from the mountain top was spectacular.

I'm not sure where Rathnakumar is from.

I suggest you take a closer look at the contract.

That might not work.


I don't want to talk to him anymore.

I don't understand him sometimes.

I'd like to apply for a job.

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My father has a restaurant.

Irfan was a teacher for nearly thirty years.

I don't see the relevance.


That's what Donnie should do.

I've decided to write 20 sentences on Tatoeba every day.

I think we've wasted enough of our time.

Alexander wouldn't do what Ernie wanted him to do.

Can I come over?


There are seven billion people in the world, and yet I am nonetheless alone.

You really should talk to Nanda.

The golden age is before us, not behind us.


It was a strange situation.

We're not perfect, but we try to be.

Daren handed Teriann his canteen and she took a drink.


I should like to see you this afternoon.

This is a trivial matter.

Are you going to wear a costume to the party?

Not all people are evil bastards.

You should've seen it coming.


He knows the situation well enough.


When you were a child, did you have any friends?


I entrusted my property to the lawyer.


Today it's snowing heavily in my city.

I don't want to mess around.

There was some trouble the day he moved in.

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You want a divorce, don't you?


The village was silent.

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We work to earn money.

My cat loves scratching my waterbed.

In Japan, practically every family has a washing machine.

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I had back surgery a couple of months ago.


I bought a red diary.


The older, the wiser.

I thought you might be interested.

My parents often go to the cinema with their friends, but this evening they're watching a film on TV.


I left my phone in the car.


That house needs repainting.

Science has not solved all the problems of life.

I'm not finished talking to you.

Shortly before her fiftieth birthday, she received the news about the birth of her grandchild.

And, most important of all, the stone does not tell us what kind of happiness we should find in that house.

You should ask for permission first.

Kevin is waiting for somebody.

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That's all I can get out of Jeanne.

Her questions show that she understands the subject very well.

Ric will stay here with us tonight.

We must have something to live for.

I'll be ready in a jiffy.

We expect that to happen.

What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.

I don't even know which one is which.

We heard screaming outside.

We found the stray dog and decided to keep it.

Francis asked Billy what she thought she needed.