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Upcoming Event---Fort Hancock Ladies Tea - History House - April 7!

Upcoming Event---Fort Hancock Harbor Defense Historic Hike, Saturday May 20!

"Poor is the country that has no heroes, but beggard is the country that having them, forgets."


"Everyone knows how I feel...I'm a...movement bent on tracking down and stamping out everybody in the world who doesn't fully appreciate the...American soldier."

-Ernie Pyle

Mission Statement

The Army Ground Forces Association is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and facilitating research, interest and pride in America's veterans of the Second World War and other conflicts. Members of the association specialize in restoration, preservation and interpretation of the history of the United States Army's Coast Artillery Corps (Harbor Defense, railway artillery and anti-aircraft missions) 1895 to 1948 with an emphasis on the time period 1930-1945 (World War II). Other US Army organizations from this or other time periods may be portrayed as programs and events warrant, including but not limited to Medical, Infantry, Engineers and Signal Corps. Our mission is accomplished through the provision of living history based interpretive programming and by the preservation and restoration of United States Army structures and equipment.

THE STORY OF SANDY HOOK: "Restoring the Past (Part 13)" from New Jersey Bayshore on Vimeo.

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