The girl that likes me is over there.

Mitch narrowly escaped being killed.


They said inspections should be increased.

Who was to win this match was a foregone conclusion.

Nate now lives with his dad.

Nobody can love him.

My brother is taking the entrance examination today.

Brian hasn't made it yet.

I do not remember where I met Gunter the first time.

Vassos, you're scaring the customers!

If I start eating potato chips, I can't stop.

We see things differently according to whether we are rich or poor.

The manager advanced him two weeks' wages.

That cheese is made from goat's milk.

Let's push on.

Amanda wanted to buy Markus something nice for her birthday.

May I bring my family along?


Take a look at this.

I had a meal prepared for you.

No one knows his name.

Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?

Have you said anything to her?

Annie gave Ji the book he was holding.

Dirk claimed to be an expert in finance.


Rand needs proper medical attention.

Jerome doesn't need my help anymore.

We spent all evening dancing together.


Do you want me to start again?

I think that she's honest.

I have already finished my homework.

The crops need rain.

I don't think Shari is going away.


Tarmi is warm.

I forgive you, as long as you don't do such a thing again.

I can't keep up. She's talking way too fast.

I'm going to hang out with Omar.

Never trust a woman with a pistol in hand.


This is brilliant.

Aimee's stopped watching the news because the constant war coverage was getting him down.

That sounds like a good investment.


The sea was very smooth.

Let's not complain.

Evelyn is a choirboy.

That doesn't change how I feel.

The Japanese have dark eyes.


This is where we live.

I wouldn't do that to anybody.

It was a rush job so it might not be a good fit.


I think it strange that Alice should keep silence for such a long time.


He was a good-looking guy.

I'm a hopeless romantic.

He made it clear that he had nothing to do with the matter.


This is the book I was talking about.

Valeria spends very little time with his family.

Let's go at our work.

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That's the way it was.

Our plane landed in Ankara late at night.

I can't remember anything else about Jeannette.

I wonder if he'll come tonight.

Manjeri kicked open the door and entered the room.

He's still fibrillating.

His weight is double what it was ten years ago.

His daughter and my son are good friends.

That's what the boss wants.

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Cars, buses, and trucks are all vehicles.

By love alone is enmity allayed.

Experience in volunteering can make you more employable.

Howard refused our offer.

People had more money to spend on new goods.


Mr White said that because of the convention, there were no rooms available.


Konrad and Aimee made some gingerbread squirrels.

I don't sleep a lot.

At least pretend you're happy to be here.

What are they whispering to each other?

Happy Sentence day!

Johnnie says he's willing to do that for us.

The neighbor's dog is always barking.


Elliott opened his suitcase and began unpacking.

What's the name of the mountain range?

What a superficial answer!


I need some answers from you.

I can make my own decisions.

We can't leave Hy like this.

It is not always easy to distinguish the Japanese from the Chinese.

I don't want you to change.

I'll be back by tomorrow, if possible.

I want to write a poem.

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Hitoshi listened intently.


She came round to the idea of watching TV.

I gave up eating dessert.

I felt that I should help her.

Tennis is hard. The ball flies off in all directions when I hit it.

How can you be reached?


I really want Stewart near me.

I thought I was prepared for that.

Tokyo was really wonderful.

Maria and Space played a game of Russian roulette.

I'm not doing it wholeheartedly.


The scrolling text on the display of my Internet radio gives me information about the selected station and the running program.

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They cut out a path through thick jungle.

Mysore won't get there on time if he doesn't hurry.

Can you see her?

Ranjit isn't the kind of person who blames others for his mistakes.

Manolis is very thin.


It seemed funny to me.

You are a good boy.

Do you think Emil is unsociable?

When did man start to use tools?

You can't ask us to believe this.

His ironical remarks aren't directed at you.

He longed for her talented skills.

That would be weird.

We were all so excited.

It is certain that Emmet contrived his 'dyad' style to facilitate the process of architectural design.

I'm studying French and web design.

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If he had insulted me, I would have given him a shove.

Knute isn't as patient as you.

The real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.


I cut myself shaving.

I know about Herb.

You can know a man by his friends.

The man suddenly struck me on the head.

Stanley's mother is a housewife.

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I tried to warn him about her, but he won't listen to me.


You taught me a lot.


You were eating a sandwich.

He invested his money in stocks.

Ramon knew me.


They refer to you as their friends.


Amigo couldn't fight anymore.

Fay is either brave or very stupid.

We named our dog Cookie.

Preparations for the ceremony are under way.

I gave Saul detailed instructions on how to do that.


She was out of temper with her brother.

Who should write it but himself?

England go out on penalties again.

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We like to play.

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We enjoyed skating.

The keyboard doesn't work.

I'm going to stay with him.

I think Sundar knows why Pieter isn't here.

This cloth irons well.


A great loss of human life was reported due to trigger-happy shooting.

Tareq should've asked us for help.

I hate to be in the dark when all the rest of the world is in light.


English is spoken in many countries around the world.


It's a pity we're not all as reliable as Fritz.


It's hard to figure out what's going on.


"That's cheap. I'll take ten yards," the girl answered.

He says he likes flowers.

Meg has a facility for languages.


She showed up in the park at the appointed time.

Kusum made a statement.

We're already high up in the sky.


Knudsen was living in Boston in 2013.

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I have to say this.

Then you just have to fill out this card.

As much as I'd like to tell you, I can't.