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He made a special effort to solve the problem.

Atoms can not be perceived with naked eye.

Why didn't you tell me about this before?

Liquid rockets tend to be heavier and more complex because of the pumps and storage tanks.

The water came up to our necks.

Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?

Pam says that he's going to read the report this afternoon.

Rik is now better off than he was before.

Perhaps I can answer that.

No, today I'm not going to school.

We must never do this again.


She goes to the woods in the middle of the night and now, she pretends to be scared of the dark.

30 is the product of 3 times 10.

She stopped to talk


The penalty was missed.

The dictionary on the desk is Anatoly's.

I asked Donovan what he wanted for Christmas.

The four Galilean moons are called: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Julian would probably be disappointed if we didn't go to his birthday party.

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Is eating raw pumpkin safe?

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The pot calls the kettle black.

He had difficulty in finding his way to the hotel.

I don't want to talk to her.


Heed public opinion.

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He wouldn't even speak to me.


We got the tree up.


She was able to go to college thanks to the scholarship.

Where's your jacket?

Manjeri has an aunt who is in prison.

Did someone find out about us?

Amy asked me to make sure you understood what you needed to do.


Come on, baby, fight my liar!

We mustn't add wood to this fire.

We didn't want the money.

Sit back down. We're not leaving yet.

Ami needed a hammer.

I think Kemal doesn't eat meat.

He is quite a gentleman.

A good idea came across his mind at the last moment.

I know you know I know. But does she know that you know I know?

Necromancers can resurrect the dead.

The more I thought about the problem, the more difficult it seemed.


Jem died just a few hours after Carisa died.

What did Juha talk about?

Some young people today are none the wiser for their university education.

Galileo dropped two iron balls from the top of the tower.

Blayne is the teacher.

Yeah, she must be the sure thing!

Is this for sale?

That's why cats love you.

Use your brain!

Playing cards is a pastime.

I hope you find them.

Jakob was really angry.

The person on the left ruins the balance of the picture.

This is a comfortable chair.

I bought this house as an investment.

"I was just asking a question." "Mind your own business."

I know you better than you think.


I haven't made a mistake yet.


The baby almost choked on a piece of candy.

She needs to change her lifestyle.

When will Amanda get back home?

Kaj travels the world looking for meteorites.

Let's decide together where to go first.

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She solved the problem with ease.


I believe we have a staff meeting scheduled for 2:30.

Not a day passes without traffic accidents.

Are you certain he's not just a little shy?


Go see a doctor.

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Please sum up your idea.

I won't let you out of my sight.

Mott was glued to his TV during the World Cup final.


Marco is washing his hands in the sink.

Kaj drove to school.

London was bombed several times.

I've missed so much.

Did you get anything to eat on your way home?

NASA has launched a probe called Dawn, whose mission is to travel to the asteroid belt. It will first travel to observe the asteroid Vesta. After collecting data from Vesta, Dawn will intercept with Ceres where it will observe its surface features and collect data about its chemical composition.

Why do stars twinkle?

Keep away from the electrical equipment.

Why couldn't Courtney stay here?

The fire has gone out.

Nothing is as dangerous to you as flattery. You know that she's lying and yet you believe her.

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Boys, don't make any noise.

Tell her that I am tired.

Sanjeev, as your friend, I suggest you go home now.

I really believe it.

I need a weapon.

Wasn't it Kafka who wrote that a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us?

I don't feel like working today, so let's go play soccer.

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Allow me to kiss you again.

She left him for another man.

We're pupils.

He is all curiosity.

We knew that might happen.


I always wanted to do that.

Their concern is understandable.

It was very funny.


I don't want to talk about my cold.

Roxie will pay for what he did to us.

All graduates are invited.

Gregor isn't responding to my texts.

What were you doing in Boston?


I don't want to think about anything anymore.

Marcos eats out a lot.

What are you talking about?!

Sundar is Gregor's neighbor.

The movie costarred two great actresses.

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Why should Ramadoss apologize?

He was recognized as a first-class singer.

Would you care for a piece of pie?


A strange fish is on the hook.

Sanjay has no reason not to trust Judge.

The young sorceress was ordered to turn Brandi back into a human, after the teachers learned of her prank.

The fastest way to heaven is a leap into a deep abyss.

I'm probably going to be busy soon.

You saved us all.

The rich man bought a Millet.

What is he doing in his room?

Today, separation and divorce are not as frowned upon.

After she had read the letter, she tore it to pieces.

Wait till I finish exams.

Englishmen are the heirs of liberty.

Kenn almost cried.

I'm going to wear my blue jacket.

Jem put his bag on the counter.

Does that sound familiar?

Nothing will happen to them.

I'll give you to the count of three.

The worst blind man is the one who does not want to see.


You should have Rupert arrested.

I am not sure how to pronounce the word.

Do you like Japanese or English?

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I'm worried something is amiss.


Don't curse or I'll wash your mouth out with soap.

The dolphin and trainer communicated much better than we expected.

Matthias goes jogging in every kind of weather.

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Her love of money is without bounds.

We only use Spanish at home.

I don't accept that.

What I need is more time.

Someone has to tell them.

Greenland's melting is accelerating. By itself, the full melting of that country's ice sheet could increase sea levels by over six metres.

I could have done it without your help.

If you discover any problems on Tatoeba, you should go ahead and blame Sysko.

I have not finished my homework yet.

He centered his business on the metropolitan area.

Laurie looked through the telescope.

You should notify the police at once.

I need to call him.


I am going to the post office.

Can't we use a simile here?

Confirm your reservation in advance.

Stevan wore a new coat to school today.

There was a moment of complete silence.


Someone should buy a round of drinks.

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At Tatoeba, it is more important that a translation sound natural than that it be strictly faithful to the original.

That politician comes from Arizona.

"I'm already married," replied Hans.


It would be good if you started work.


It's 5:00 a.m. here in Brazil.

We're defenseless.

Have you read anything interesting lately?


He'll almost certainly telephone tonight.