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    Photographing Artwork

  • Photography

    Buyer's Guide

    Buyer's Guide to Digital Cameras

    Choose a digital camera that will capture your artwork well, both now and in the future. Learn about basic camera types and features.

    3 Tutorials

  • Photography


    Basic Camera Settings

    Use your camera's basic settings to take great photos of your artwork. Review tips for focusing your camera, and learn how to avoid camera shake.

    4 Tutorials

  • Photography



    Assemble your own photography studio using inexpensive lights easily obtainable from any hardware store. Take the most flattering and accurate photographs of your work possible.

    8 Tutorials

  • Photography

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    Photographic Shots

    Go beyond the basics and learn more advanced photographic shots. Learn to use selective focus, silhouetted, extreme close-ups, parallax, hands in a shot, props and more.

    11 Tutorials

  • Submitting Artwork

  • Submitting Artwork



    Learn how to manage your digital files, name them and about the various file types. Find out how to scan, resize, and compress images of your artwork.

    8 Tutorials

  • Submitting Artwork



    Discover the best practices for presenting your work professionally. We will show you how to mount, mat and frame works of art on paper.

    5 Tutorials

  • Submitting Artwork


    Shipping & Crating Artwork

    Review how to pack your work safely and correctly for shipping. You will also find the forms and addresses you need to send your work to the Academy for review.

    6 Tutorials

  • Learning Management

  • Learning Management


    Management Tools

    Learn how to use the tools provided in online education to manage your learning.

    5 Tutorials

  • Learning Management


    Tips & Tricks

    Learn tips and tricks for managing your technology.

    2 Tutorials

  • Learning Management


    Class Discussion Interface

    Learn how to navigate and manage your class discussion.

    10 Tutorials