You need a partner who understands your business and how to mitigate fraud and the risks associated with it. Merchant Solution Services brings high tech, innovative tools to you.

Our technology platform and knowledge base will help you understand why chargebacks occur, where fraud is occurring and how to prevent and stop chargebacks and fraud from occurring.


If you are a brick and mortar retail shop, are you taking advantage of the latest technologies...

E-commerce sales continue to increase year after year. But so does the potential risk of becoming...

Merchant Solution Services offers restaurants the lowest payment processing rates guaranteed...

Ready to take the next step in distributing your product or service globally? You will need to set up...


Are you tired of having your MIDs closed?

Are you having challenges getting a merchant account set up?

Who is looking out for you and your Business?

If you are asking these questions, you don’t have the right relationships.


It’s Not About Us, But It Is About What We Will Do For You. Our Partnerships Bring You the Best  Technologies, Professionals and Resources in the Payment Processing Industry.

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I have worked with Merchant Solution Services and Ryan and his team for many years. I know every time I need a new account, have questions or need help resolving issues, they have been there for me and my business

By Tony Smith.

There are companies then there is Merchant Solution Services and Ryan Fritzsche. This company has my back and has saved me so much Money on my merchant services and they are my merchant mentors. I am actually making money for my family and this is changing my life on things I already was already doing. I want to give MSS the biggest shout out and cant wait to see what the world looks like in years to come.

By Tim Johnson

We have been working with Merchant Solution Services and Ryan and his team for years. Between MSS, Ryan and his whole team, they’ve been easy to work with and quick to respond. They have helped make MAKE money in my business. I’ve referred a lot of business to MSS and Ryan and it’s wonderful to hear that everyone l refer has incredible things to say. MSS and Ryan and the team make me look incredible to those I refer;) Use MSS. Meet Ryan and the team. Save and MAKE money. And build a relationship that lasts.

By Matt F

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