Oh stop, that tickles!

Tell Louiqa I'll be right over.


I met him while I was coming home.


The Party won a sweeping victory at the general election.

I guessed her to be 40 years old.

I desperately need a car.

I doubt that Tao meant any harm by it.

We've upset Elsa.


The weather turned bad.

The graphic description of the victim's murder was too much for his mother, who ran out of the court in tears.

I should get back home.

This stool needs to be repaired.

You have to take off your shoes before entering a traditional Japanese house.


I hated it at first.

The fortress was in the enemy's hands.

I can't hear a word.

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I've been trying to find them.


Jinny says that's not enough.


She always yielded to his opinion.


Let her stay here.


Blaine was wearing a hat which still had the price tag attached.

I don't know. Let's find out!

Were you intoxicated?

Let's meet for a chat.

Brandy came home very tired this afternoon.


There is no doubt that I could not do it without your help.


You made breakfast, didn't you?

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As you can see, I haven't done any cleaning in the house for some time.

The less you have, the less you have to lose.

"My name's Wade. I'm from France." "Spencer! You've gotta teach me English one of these days!"

Hi! How are you?

What do you expect?


Nicole was beside herself with grief when she heard the news.

I do not know if it is love.

My family are all very well.


This is a narrow street.


Do you have the key to this?

Sangho doesn't really believe that nonsense, does he?

The meeting was too long.

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Google doesn't know everything.

When do they open the dining room?

A good diplomat is a person who practises the technique of letting someone else let the cat out of the bag.

Do you have a lunch service at school?

Martha didn't want Jitendra to find out about John.


We don't sell junk food.

Please give me that book.

I might be home late.

Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world.

Who's not wearing gloves?

I don't use birth control.

I guess I'm a little antsy.

What else do you remember?

I won't be able to eat all that by myself.

I'm the second oldest of three children.

We had to show our papers at the security desk.

Philippe didn't want Claudio to know he was rich.

I don't believe in low-carb diets.

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Don't forget them.

That child dug a tunnel in the sandpit.

Dan didn't even touch Linda.

Since it's written in easy English, even you can read that book.

I signed one.

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Tomorrow night, I am going to Narita airport.

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A prayer was said over his body.

That area is relatively rich in natural resources.

People carried their own weight then.

Any student can answer that question.

Mat is trying to stay calm.

The minutes pass by.

Did you know that was there?

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He has a very friendly smile.


The pidgin has no native speakers.


I'm a tourist.

We'll most likely go, but we'll decide once we see what the weather is like.

I know when I'm being deceived.

Don't take that too literally.

Tomas is too busy to go today.


Just tell Damone what you want.

There are no exceptions.

All of you are welcome to bring your spouses to my party.

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Shaw and Kenn planned John's surprise party together.


A good sense of humor will help you deal with hard times.


Interpreting is the basics of translation.

Lisa saw that Dale was about to speak.

Something just came up.


Here's the change.

Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?

Are you still out there?

Please shake before opening.

What genres of music are you into?


Does he watch television every day?

Their comments were illuminating.

The town fell into ruin.

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I like history.


I'm afraid I have a confession to make.

Why didn't you go to school today?

The audience was cheerful.


Is it on this side of the street?

I hope Hiroyuki will write soon.

Trey's wife left him three months ago.

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Finally, I have time to reply to the mail that I have received these past three weeks.

I'm dying for a pizza.

Knute doesn't know anything about Novo, other than her name.

Bert is irritated.

They live in a great house.

All right, sir. The salad bar is over there.

That's certainly one possibility.

Perhaps you misunderstood.

He is a good person.

Pinocchio ran to look at himself in a bowl of water, and he felt so happy that he said proudly: "Now I look like a gentleman."

Stuart is about to die.

The riot was completely out of control.

It's sort of strange.

He gave the poor woman some bread and a five dollar bill besides.

All kinds of women inspire me.

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She used to address me as Alan.

The mailman left a letter for her.

Don't you like me?

The Japanese economy developed rapidly.

I invited my friends to dinner.


I wish you'd told me we were having company.

In women the pelvis is broader and lower, and all of its dimensions are larger than in men.

What were her final words?

The boy left his homework half-finished.

Did Dave tell someone?

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I don't understand why DNA is fascinating.

The girl did not say anything.

Did Hunter ever talk about me?

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Go meet Mark.

I've completely forgotten his name.

The Prime Minister will go on the air tomorrow.


Rebecca likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

Have you ever shouted at Taninna?

Is that all clear?


I always wash my face with soap and water.


I think you did it.

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We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant.


Joachim doesn't have to stay if he doesn't want to.

I'm sure that Hal will do that.

I don't want anything.


I'm Paul, your roommate.

She looked like a fairy in her beautiful white dress.

There's a complete record of the storm in the ship's log.

It won't do any good to argue with the manager.

Gideon went guarantor for his son's car loan.

I have a big surprise for you.

Her action deserves respect.


It is not so.


It's an old Irish tradition.

Suwandi has trouble expressing his real feelings.

Give me that phone back.


The positive feedback for our proposal went above and beyond our highest expectations.

Bernie stripped off his dirty clothes and threw them into the washing machine.

How did you understand it was Tharen?