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Krane - A Sustainably Built Phone & Tablet Elevator

The choice is yours my friend, either grow a third arm or get yourself a Krane!

Whether you're a serious student trying to increase screen real estate above your laptop, or simply binge watching your favorite Netflix show into the wee hours of the night, the Krane elevator is a great way to get the most out of your favorite smartphone device or tablet around the house or even in the kitchen.

Just imagine how much money you'll save long-term on third-hand gloves if you were to order a Krane today.

Krane - Material Usage and Sustainability

Krane - Something to Feel Good About

Built with sustainability in mind, Krane places energy-efficiency as our highest priority when sourcing materials as well as throughout the entire manufacturing process end-to-end; from responsibly sourced wood, to recycled materials, to long-term plans to run our equipment from Solar, Krane strives to someday become a more responsible, carbon-neutral place of business.

something something about average lcd television vs phone, biodegradability etc
newer LCD/LED type average 91.5 watts

Phones use approximately 2 to 6 watts when charging
Which size Krane is right for me?
Our standard size Krane, which extends up to , is ideally suited for places where your back rests close to where the Krane will be mounted.

Our Jumbo Krane, with a total reach of , works well with reclining chairs, beds with extended headboards, large bean bags or any other place that seats the viewer several away from where the Krane is to be mounted.

Standard Krane: (maximum)
Jumbo Krane: (maximum)

The easiest way to decide is to grab a tape measure and determine the distance between the surface behind you (wall, headboard etc.) and where you'd like your device to be positioned in front of you.

Our most popular model is the standard size Krane, which seems to suit most peoples' needs.
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