The benefits that can be had by wearing a hat even in autumn and winter are many: we protect ourselves from the cold, we avoid that our hair become unmanageable due to humidity and rain and more we can change look every time, because there are really many models, as there are many possibilities to always combine makeup and different accessories!

December 15, 2017

Hats (Winter) And Hair: How To Combine Models, Cuts And Hairstyles!

I am one of those who never abandons hats. In summer or in autumn and winter they are essential accessories for me. .. also because with the cold of […]
November 22, 2017

Beautiful hats and bags on which to aim for summer 2018

Not just for a picnic in the countryside or for a day at the beach: even in the city, bags and straw hats complete all the […]


Another interesting variation to the classic hat, is certainly the turban. Doing it is not difficult but if you are not very practical and do not want to improvise, on the web there are many tutorials to rely on. Choose a scarf or a piece of colored fabric , with cheerful prints or ethnic patterns and roll it on your head in the most original ways, also depending on the occasions in which you want to wear it. The turban can be made of cotton with more or less thick weaves or in silk to be as chic as possible. There are also many ready-made models that you just wear as a twenties headphone. It is also beautiful for the evening in darker colors like blue is black, perhaps enriched by metallic reflections such as silver or bronze.