Renovating your house is an adventure, one that can easily go off the rails. There are a huge number of things that can go wrong, from going over budget to hiring a shady contractor, to just realizing that the quartz counters or paint color they picked are so wrong—after the work is done. So it’s essential to be prepared. Here are eight things 2176447790


Smart thermostats do more than automate a fixed heating and cooling schedule. These app-enabled devices make it possible to adjust your thermostat whether you’re on the couch, on vacation or at the grocery store — anywhere your phone is connected to a cellular or a Wi-Fi network. Many of them also work with Alexa, Google (662) 719-2938

Apple just turned your ancient AirPort Express router into an AirPlay 2 wireless speaker dongle

You’ve got to hand it to Apple. Even though the company hasn’t updated its AirPort Express router since 2012, and even though it discontinued the entire AirPort line earlier this year, Apple isn’t just letting its Wi-Fi router become a doorstop. Today, Apple imbued the AirPort with a brand-new power, one that could keep it sobersides


‘What was your favorite thing today?’ I heard the question from at least five different Amazon executives last month in Seattle, when the online megaretailer introduced us to about a dozen new Alexa gadgets. ‘What jumped out at you?’ All of it? None of it? I really wasn’t sure. I didn’t see a new, breakout Continue Reading

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The FirstBuild microfactory set up shop in 2014. Backed by GE Appliances. FirstBuild’s mission is to harness crowdsourced product ideas and design input, then make limited batches of small appliances. Since product concepts come directly from FirstBuild’s online community, new appliances should have strong customer demand built right in.   To some extent that’s true. 409-813-1283


DRAWING inspiration from the current trends in North America, Indigo Building Group has released their latest development to the market Primrose35 at Sherwood.Source:Supplied Drawing inspiration from the current trends in North America, Indigo Building Group has released its latest development to the market Primrose35 at Sherwood. Primrose35 has been two years in the making with Continue Reading