Francisco played the flute.

I can't pass the test.

He was kind enough to give me something cold to drink.


A rabbit has long ears.

I want to go back.

It seems that the children will have to sleep on the floor.


We expect a lot from Morris.


Deborah didn't want to eat after all.


I need supplies.

Please transfer 450 dollars to my account.

I feel kind of tired.

Maryam is well behaved.

The truck drove away.

How should it work?

In most countries, teachers do not receive high wages.


In your opinion, she does not make concrete and feasible proposals?

Gregor tried to explain why it would be a waste of time.

You're not that interesting.

I need a new one.

There are two zombies inside my house.

There is a small pond in the court.

Try to ignore her.

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You may proceed.

I'm too old for this sort of thing.

Dan contacted Linda's sister.


We have a very good team, so we have every reason to be optimistic.

No sooner had the dog seen me than it ran up to me.

I don't think it works that way.

As soon as he got on the bus, it began to move.

We took it for granted that he would join us.

I'm fond of football.

I was happy with that.

I can recommend a good restaurant.

Part met Alberto on the way home from where he worked part-time after school.


I'm sorry I hurt him.

With this vote, we righted a wrong.

Many rich people live in this neighborhood.


The parade had already begun when we got there.

I'm sure you'll do great.

We just want to help Jitendra.

She is swimming in the river.

"Contrastingly, do you love Kanji?" he asked.

I like you a lot.

I don't know if if we run in the rain, we get more wet than if we just walked.


I'm a hero.

Technology must be used for good, not evil.

She complained of her headache.

He has a very materialistic outlook on life.

Norma couldn't hear what Manavendra was saying.


Let's just try to have a good time.

That actually sounds quite interesting.

When applying for a student loan you must report any dependants.

The stench of rotting flesh overwhelmed us as we entered the room.

She didn't like the idea.

He advised her not to go.

I assumed Hwa was working with you guys.

"Thanks for the help." "Don't mention it."

She has an elegant manner.


For decades scientists warned that the accelerating sea level rise would eventually put coastlines in many countries at risk.

Don't use that word.

They accepted the offer.

I'm not good at Latin.

Law II: The alteration of motion is ever proportional to the motive force impressed; and is made in the direction of the right line in which that force is impressed.

I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

This is the first time I've ever slept in the street.

They must be dead.

I have homework to finish.

Roger liked writing songs. He also liked to perform his own songs on the stage.

Did Gregory ever ask about Lucifer?


Novo is a surfer.

He is not so much a translator as a poet.

I knew something was going to happen.

Quit the snow job!

Have you gotten used to eating Japanese food yet?

Your income is about twice as large as mine is.

Did you buy them?

I looked over the documents.

Kelly tucked his son into bed.

Don't you think Ben is scared, too?

She is called Mei. She is cooking in the kitchen.

I'll never eat at this restaurant again.

I told them I didn't want to go.

Melanie is a mathematician.

I'd like to have her teeth straightened.

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Don't be naive.

Go back to your seats.

She is interested in jazz.

On this point it is poles apart from when I set myself on learning English 20 years ago.

It was Miles who taught me how to play the guitar.


The sun is the eternal source of light, heat, and life.

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I think Guillermo is brilliant.

Piotr wanted to visit North America.

Lum terrified Steve.

He doesn't believe me at all.

This story was inspired by true events.

How is Cristopher now?

Sleeping on a problem solves it as easily as pouring oil on troubled waters.

I don't know all their names.

He takes everything as an occasion to make jokes.

I want to try to help you.

He dislikes the principal.

Bathroom's free.

Free as in freedom, not as in free beer.


What you're talking about is more important than how you say it.

The shot unleashed panic in the conference room.

Why didn't you just say that before?


Venkata shredded the lettuce.

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If I'd known where Eddie was, I'd have told you.

Isabelle walked along the shore alone.

A room with a skylight would be fine.

Thank you very much for attending.

This is disappointing.

They want to make it bigger.

We'll wait patiently.


Bring your student ID.

She texted her girlfriend.

He is putting together a plan.


She loves bone marrow.

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Syun roasted his marshmallow over the fire.


Let's swim.

Do you remember when her birthday is?

Lievaart didn't know how to react to that.

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My parents have gone to the airport to see my uncle off.

Even this cable cost me 6000 yen.

My nationality is Polish.

You shall have what money I have.

They assigned the task to us.


My father helped me study.


I often listen to soothing music in order to relax.


She announced her engagement to her lawyer friend.


What makes you think that Kelly is planning to ask Klaus to marry him?

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A person will have the face of an angel when borrowing something, but the face of the devil when returning it.

I don't intend to use this any longer.

I'm OK.

The lamb followed Suzan to school.

I go to church every day.

Sanity's enthusiasm for her course deteriorated when her favourite lecturer transferred interstate.

My neck does hurt a little.

I can't. It's too heavy.

You shouldn't call people liars.

There's something I need to do.

I think we should call him.

I gave my son a box of candy, which he opened happily.

The pilot of an airliner is responsible for the safety of passengers.

Matt pressured Kyung to quit.

I can tear you apart with my bare hands.

I've got to help her.

What does UN stand for?


We're all waiting for you.

They hid their worries from their wives.

You're sophisticated.

She has a clean heart.

We must be satisfied.

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Liyuan didn't want to miss anything.

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Although Jane had one suitcase less than me, she still said she had too much to carry.

Many a person has had the same experience.

How long do you play tennis every day?

We talked about it.

I don't care who your father is.

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That's what you do best, isn't it?

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Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex.


I don't think that Jimmy will find a girlfriend for himself in the foreseeable future.


We are vehemently opposed to political correctness.